Respiratory Quality Assurance Reporting

Complete PDPM Oversight

A dynamic respiratory program should include an accountability system that ensures all new admissions to SNFs will be considered for admission into the Respiratory Readmission Reduction Program. All patients should continue to be periodically reviewed during their stay in the facility, and rigorous MDS encoding criteria requires continuous monitoring. 

Select Respiratory Services’ QA reports include all of these elements of ongoing oversight of PDPM compliance requirements with daily operational data and monthly analytics.

Select Respiratory Services Reporting

Daily Quality Assurance Report

The MDS coding criteria for respiratory therapy require that it be started before the end of day-2 and administered for at least 15-minutes per day for 7-consecutive days. With these tight constraints, a respiratory program will only succeed with ongoing monitoring and accurate reporting that clearly reflects compliance with all PDPM requirements.

Select Respiratory Services’ Daily Quality Assurance Report aggregates pending RT orders based on our chart reviews as well as all patients with active orders who have not received at least 15-minutes of respiratory therapy for the day.

Monthly Quality Assurance Report

With PDPM, a successful respiratory therapy program must include systematic analysis. Select Respiratory Services’ monthly Quality Assurance report aggregates patient information, compliance of your nurses, and CMS revenue data to proactively avert deleterious implications to outcomes and revenue.

Our Medicare QA report shows how daily & monthly reimbursement is affected for:

  • Medicare patients with active orders for respiratory therapy who capture the therapy
  • Medicare patients with active orders who do not capture the therapy
  • Medicare patients with indications but had no active orders for RT
Respiratory Quality Assurance Reporting 1

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